Outstanding, affordable and engaging online classes for home educated young people.

Run by a Qualified Teacher and home-ed mum.

Offering a wide range of webinar style classes and small group tuition - both live and pre-recorded  and all fully supported by detailed PowerPoint slides.

For Classes and Courses 2022-3

I specialise in Environmental Management and Citizenship classes.

I offer classes to students age 7 to 16 years from all around the world.

Key Stage 2 & 3

For 7-12 year olds, I offer webinar style classes on an ad hoc basis. These cover areas of environmental management such as natural hazards, rocks and minerals, the atmosphere and space, oceans and fisheries and many more.

I also offer a range of citizenship classes to give students an insight into what it means to be a citizen. 

 All classes are recorded and are emailed, with a printable workbook and answers to everyone that signs up.

Here are our current classes. 

GCSE & IGCSE Classes

For 13-15 year olds, I offer two Environmental Management IGCSE classes a week and one Citizenship class. These small groups are very interactive and benefit from carefully developed PowerPoint slideshows for all topics. Classes usually run for 18 months.

All classes are on zoom and are recorded and emailed to absentees.

Homework is set every week.

My next classes start in September 2022 and are available here.



What do I offer?

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