Are you looking for the key to exam success in Environmental Management IGCSE?

Our Home Education Distance Learning Course  is your Key to Success

I specialise in helping busy home ed. parents like yourself.  

This easy to follow distance learning course will provide your teens with everything they need to succeed, whilst giving you the time to focus on the hundreds of other things you need to do! 

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About our Environmental Management IGCSE Distance Learning Course

Engage. Learn. Succeed.

Are you finding that you don't have time to sit with your teen through all of their I/GCSE studies?

Do you wish that they could work independently for part of the day, allowing you some space to get on with other things? 

This course provides everything your son or daughter needs to succeed in Environmental Management IGCSE.

I developed it for my teen with autism, so that she could learn more independently. Since then countless teens have used these resources to study at their own speed and succeed in E.M. 

Regular assignments based on past papers allow you to monitor your child's progress and detailed feedback helps them to improve throughout the course.

Why Choose Environmental Management IGCSE with Get Key-Ed Up?

* Environmental Management is a brilliant first IGCSE. 

* The course is interesting, relevant and engaging.

* Our comprehensive course offers detailed, interactive PowerPoint slideshows with fun student tasks, activities, related videos and themed past paper questions. Literally everything they need to succeed.

* Often parents are most concerned about how to know how their son or daughter is progressing.  We offer 9 themed assignments based on past exam papers, which can be emailed to me for marking and detailed student feedback. 

*These 1 hour long assessments are also useful as teacher assessed material for exam boards if exams should be disrupted. I am an approved tutor at two main home education exam centres in the U.K.

* If you find that your teen needs a little more support, they can join a live weekly drop-in session which can be booked here.

* Mock Paper marking is also available at any point through the year. This can be booked here.

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Environmental Management IGCSE Units 

Unit I: Rocks and Minerals
Unit 2: Energy and the Environment
Unit 3: Agriculture and the Environment
Unit 4: Water and its Management
Unit 5: Oceans and Fisheries
Unit 6: Managing Natural Hazards
Unit 7: The Atmosphere and Human Activities
Unit 8: Human Population
Unit 9: Natural Ecosystems and Human Activity

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